Pay your Zakah, Sadaqah, Lillah, Fitrah or Fidyah...


Muharram Mubarak

Happy Islamic New Year

Muharram Book-A-Pot

Pay your Zakah, Sadaqah, Lillah, Fitrah or Fidyah... and REAP THE MUHARRAM REWARDS 

Winter Warmers

Sponsor winter food packs for families in need and warm up the hearts of the less privileged with warm meals and blankets during our cold and rainy winters.

Sponsor a Hifth Student

Sponsor a hifth student of the Darus Sa’Aad Institute.



Jabulani Feed The Nation:
072 708 5080
Darus Sa’Aad Institute :
067 136 6493
Jabulani Dental Care:
072 708 5080
Jabulani Gas Exchange:
072 708 5080
Junction Storage:
062 675 5384 

Bank Details:

Jabulani Food & Educational
Standard Bank
Vangate Mall
Acc. No: 243 123 892

NPC: 2018/547119/08
NPO: 247-012
SARS PBO: 930073172
CSD: MAAA0961250

18A Tax Certificate

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